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Art as Jewelry...

"Design has allowed us to stand out; to look different and show that difference boldly."- Joe Mansueto

Potere Azure Jewelry is a unique line of brooches and rings that are 100% hand illustrated colored pencil on copper. Working in mixed media, precious metals, and gems: each piece is unique in that the colors chosen are dependent on how its shape inspires me. Its a ten-step process of applying color to the surface area. I adore this process because it combines my love of drawing with metalworking and jewelry design, and, its truly a unique process. 

Constance Ross, Chief Creative Officer, Potere Azure Jewelry & Jagid Designs 

Visit our sister site featuring fine sterling & gold jewelry  & broken china vintage jewelry made in our studio in Washington State  http://www.jagiddesign.com               

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International Gem Society
International Gem Society
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